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Bubba on Business

“Practical wisdom about what is wrong with
our workplaces—and how to fix it.”
             John Case; Author, Open Book Management,
             Editor at Large, Inc. Magazine

“The difference between reaching a company’s potential
and talking about it is the commitment to leading the 95%

and not reacting to the 5%.  Bubba does a great job of

teaching managers how to do it!”
             Larry Kipp, GM Glass & Mirror Craft

I have just finished reading Bubba on Business and I’m

thrilled with the book. Dennis Melton and David Dunn

have a winner here,  Chock full of practical wisdom.”

             Sheldon Bowles, Co author Raving Fans
             and Gung Ho!


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This book is about achieving results in partnership with people—people like Bubba.


Bubba is everyone

The central factor in this story, as in any real organization is ‘Bubba.’ Some may view

the name Bubba as derogatory; a term like “redneck” or “hick,” intended to poke fun at

working people, especially Southerners.  Nothing could be farther from our intent.  We

like Bubba.  We respect him (and her!) and we know that Bubba is the one who really

makes any business successful.


Bubba describes a perspective, not a stereotype.  Bubba is a fictional stand-in for the

great majority of people—those who work hard, care enough to get frustrated, and do

their best in most situations.  In this book, Bubba is a technician in a manufacturing
plant, but Bubba can be found in every office, hospital, shop, and retail store.


Change your organization

The process described in the pages of Bubba involves shaping workplace culture—the
system that governs how people get things done at work.  The system includes the
personalities, behaviors and skills of people; the policies and practices; the decision-
making processes; the communication channels; and the informal ways “things are
around here.”


Every organization has a culture that either inhibits or enables positive business results.
Cultures can be shaped through some simple, practical techniques that get dramatic

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