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Employee Opinion Survey

Our Employee Opinion Survey (EOS) process provides the organization with objective data effectively organized around 10 categories benchmarked against a large data base.  The results of the EOS allow the leadership assess what’s going well, and what areas need to be improved on.  95/5 can provide a broad range of support to assist ranging from:

Full Service

  • Includes survey consultation and design, delivery of survey to employees, analysis and comprehensive report with recommendations, debrief with key leadership team, assistance with development of action plan, development of employee feedback presentation, participation in employee feedback meetings, follow-up as needed


Partial Service

  • Includes survey consultation and design, analysis and comprehensive report and any other services desired


Provides Comprehensive Assessment

Data base provides comparative norm to measure results against

  • 10 “subscale” categories to identify performance and target interventions

  • Objective questions have 5 levels of agreement (Strongly Agree, Agree, ?, Disagree, Strongly Disagree) to provide more valid responses

  • Subjective questions to validate objective data and gain detail information regarding employee opinions

  • Demographic areas customized to provide more effective analysis

· Pay Classification

· Gender

· Length of Service

· Work Area

· Shift

· Delivered to nearly 100% of workforce (excludes those absent, on leave, and traveling)

· Follow-up surveys also include comparison to previous surveys in order to provide trends

Customized to fit organization

  • Survey contains 50 base questions for comparison to industrial norm

  • Can add up to 10 additional, facility specific

  • Customized demographic data

  • Customized subjective questions can be added

  • Benefit section to assess importance and satisfaction with benefit package

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