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Leadership Development

Providing your leadership team the opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of the 95/5 principles is key to successfully implementing the concepts.  Our approach to leadership development is customized to meet each client organization’s needs.  The sessions are designed by working closely with the organization’s top leadership to address the specific leadership needs within the framework of the 95/5 principles. 

The sessions provide experiential learning opportunities to encourage thought and challenge assumptions.  We utilize real world applications of concepts with relevant examples and case studies.  Participants are engaged in role playing to help them practice their new leadership behaviors.

Typical Leadership Development Sessions Include:

  • Introduction to the 95/5 Concepts

  • Positive Leadership

  • Performance Counseling

  • Effective Communication

  • Role of the Leadership

  • Analyzing Performance Problems

  • Effective Performance Review

  • Managing Performance/Motivation

  • Customized Workshops

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