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Team Design & Team Development

Team effectiveness is not achieved by simply putting a group of hard-working people together that know and like each other.  While they may eventually reach the goal, they could be much more successful if they understand and are focused on  the Goals of the project /team, Roles of each member of the team and are committed to the Processes. 


Team development is a natural extension of 95/5 Positive Employee Environment. For teams to be appropriate for your work environment Leadership must have some basic beliefs.  They are;

  • Most people are trustworthy and want to be involved in work issues that affect them

  • People doing the job know the job best

  • Leaders set the direction, equip employees to succeed, and involve them in solutions

  • Teams succeed based on shared goals and team responsibilities, not simply on
    interpersonal skills


As with all of the 95/5 Services, we take a customized approach to team development then

utilize the proven Team Development Model to design the team training in order to provide

the team members with a clear understanding of purpose of their team, the goals and

objectives they will be accountable for achieving, the roles each member must be willing to

play along with the authority they hold.  Finally, the training equips the team members with

skills and tools to assist them in maintaining effective processes and relationships .


Ninety-Five/Five can assist your organization assess your readiness for teams and the appropriateness of utilizing teams ranging from a short-term project team to establishing Self-Managed teams in part or all of your organization.

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