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Who We Are

Our Mission

To create leadership systems and practices based on mutual trust and respect which help businesses succeed by tapping into their greatest resource—the abilities and commitments present in the vast majority of their people.


Our Values

We strive to demonstrate the values of:

  • Integrity & Accountability to speak honestly and follow through with our best.

  • Mutual Commitment to the long-term benefit of customers and ourselves

  • Collaboration & Teamwork for mutual trust, mutual respect, and involvement in helping our customers succeed.

  • Innovation & Development to create effective tools for positive workplaces.

  • Faithfulness to God’s intention for us and for humanity.

Bio, David Dunn

David has earned broad experience with both manufacturing and service organizations as a principal of Ninety-Five/Five, and previously with the Thompson Group.  David has developed and helped implement comprehensive non-traditional human resource and leadership systems as a consultant and as VP Human Resources for Sargent Aerospace.

David, formerly a senior consultant with The Thompson Group, has worked with a broad array of manufacturing and service industry clients in the development and implementation of non-traditional, comprehensive human resources systems in existing as well as start-up operations.  This Positive Employee Philosophy has proven to be the cornerstone for improvements in workplace harmony and performance by removing many of the traditional barriers between employees and the leadership group.


Prior to his work with The Thompson Group, David, as Employee Relations Director for Johnston & Murphy Shoe Company was instrumental in the implementation of Positive Employee Philosophy systems with the organization.  The move from a traditional approach to a non-traditional one has been credited for significant improvements in productivity, quality, attendance, employee morale and profits.


Mr. Dunn's other professional experience includes various human resources positions with Sargent Aerospace, Genesco, Inc., and first-line supervisory experience with APCOM Inc., a manufacturer of appliance components.


David earned his BBA and MBA from Middle Tennessee State University and resides with his wife and family in the Nashville, Tennessee.

Contact Us

Phone: 615-289-9505


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