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Procedure Guide & Employee Handbook

Traditionally most organizations’ policies and procedures are written in an attempt to “control” the behavior of the 5%.  For the most part the policies state how much misbehavior will be tolerated.   At best you gain compliance, at worse, malicious obedience.  The 95/5 Procedure Guide and Employee Handbook provides a different approach to policy development.  The policies, practices and procedures have been developed to support a positive workplace culture.  They establish high expectations and standards of conduct for all employees at all levels rather than catering to the 5%. 

The procedure manual and handbook are formatted in Word and require editing before use.  Each procedure is set up as an individual file allowing the user to easily build a Leadership Procedure Guide that easily fits the organization’s needs.  The files also contain hyperlinks that allow the organization to save the manual to the company drive so it can be accessed via computer and the managers can easily navigate between policies.

The information contained is considered reliable, but subject to interpretation and change. Policies/Procedures may not be applicable in all situations.  No procedure can be considered infallible or free of risk.  Each state may have specific statutes and regulations which may differ from these prototypes.  Users assume all responsibility for determining the application, if any, of  these prototypes to their organization, and all risk from the implementation of these prototypes and edited procedures derived from them.  Since your situation is unique, you should consider specific legal advice prior to publication and implementation.  Training for managers in the use of  these procedures is strongly recommended

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