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Our Philosophy

Our name expresses our philosophy about people, their values and the way they work together.  You see, we believe that the vast majority of people (about 95%) really do care about their jobs, their company and other people.  They want to feel they contribute, and they treat others the way they would like to be treated.  They’re the greatest asset any business can have.  They are the real key to competitiveness, innovation, and quality that drives success. 

Our 95/5 Positive Employee Philosophy is centered

on the vast majority of smart, solid people.  We

believe in seeking “Win-Win Solutions with them,

treating them like the responsible working adults
they are.


And what about the other 5%?  We are realistic

enough to know that there are a few people that

really don’t care and are willing to take advantage

of their fellow employees and the Company. 

Everybody knows who they are,
and solid employees don’t like

what they do.  If left alone,

these people can derail the

productivity and morale of the

entire company.  But it doesn’t

have to be that way. 


Our Performance Counseling,

Positive Attendance System, 

and other proven methods can

turn marginal performers around

and help those who won’t find their way out.

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